My Internet Dinner with Andrew: Dave Lawrence

Dave Lawrence

Internally-driven 20-something or horrible monster? You decide.

Continuing in our series of talking with people about their lives and careers, this week’s Internet Dinner with Andrew highlights Dave Lawrence, a 29-year-old living in Jackson, Mich.

Lawrence co-hosts an tech podcast that focuses on Apple products called the Hello Show, along with a successful Apple blog entitled Newton Poetry.

He works in Jackson as a senior communications specialist with American 1 Federal Credit Union and has garnered several state and national awards for his work there. He also took home Jackson Magazine’s ’30 And Under’ honor in 2009 and the Jackson Chamber of Commerce/Jaycees Outstanding Young Leader award in 2006 (it’s very nice when your interview subject has his own pre-written bio).

In this week’s interview, I talk with Dave about finding his career path straight out of college, getting bit by the travel bug, what’s the obsession with Apple and passing over the 20s malaise.

Click that play button to enjoy the festivities. Or, for those looking to download for later consumption, clickum here.


3 Responses to “My Internet Dinner with Andrew: Dave Lawrence”

  1. So one of the “automatically generated” “possibly related posts” is my 1983 mockup. You see? The magic of the Internet!

  1. 1 Newton Poetry — The hello Show, episode 15
  2. 2 Dave Lawrence Photography | My Internet Dinner with Andrew: Dave Lawrence

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