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Good heavens! It’s another episode of Best of the Best, featuring myself and Mark Gonzales! What a treat! This week’s topic is advertising, where we touch on the grizzly endings of Viagra commercials, what people watching television at 3 in the morning are thinking about and how movie trailers help dash the hopes of all […]

Episode 2 of Best of the Best is here for your brains to process and love unconditionally. This week, Mark and I are talkin’ ’bout video games, those electronic wonders slowly leading to the complete arthritic takeover of our hands. But, more importantly, we also touch on the legal issues surrounding McDonaldland and why everyone […]

Attention everyone: Here’s a great thing to jam into your ear holes. Please to enjoy Episode 1 of Best of the Best, a podcast that involves two people shouting their opinions at each other about things. You know, different stuff. Each week, we’ll be tackling a different theme and dissecting what’s the Best of the […]