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It appears nothing can stop Best of the Best, even zeppelin kidnappers. Andrew is all by his lonesome in this episode, dealing with all things solo, like the Best Beverage to Drink Out of a Solo Cup or the Best Thing to Eat Alone. But, you’ll never be alone with your Internet friend, Best of […]

Need an alternative to your day in the form of a one-hour-ish podcast? Well, you have very specific needs, but fortunately, you’re in luck. It’s Episode 11 of Best of the Best! This week, it’s all about “Alt,” as Mark and I discuss the Best Meat Alternative or the Best Alternative Music genre. Look outside […]

School’s out for summer! School’s out forever! But, like most scarring incidents, you can’t really escape your school days entirely. Mark and I embrace the homework, books AND teacher’s dirty looks as we discuss “School Dayz” this week on Best of the Best. From the Best Cafeteria Day to finding out why Trapper Keepers were […]

Whether it’s with swords, words, fists, guns, laser blasters or mind bullets, fighting is a timeless tradition. Mark and I square off with one another in the timeless Best of the Best battlefield as we discuss “fighting.” We’ll determine if the Indiana Pacers could have fought everyone in the Palace of Auburn Hills and why […]

Vices. Addictions. Poor life decisions. This Best of the Best has it all as Mark and I figure out the best stuff that’s Bad for You. Whether it’s what compressed piece of faux-meat you should stuff in your face from a fast food place to the determining what kind of madness is right for you, […]