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Week 15 of Best of the Best switches over from manual and takes on the wild world of “Auto.” Whether it’s automobile, automatons or automatic weaponry, this Best of the Best does all the thinking for you. Listen in as Mark and Andrew figure out the Best Concept Car and the Best Robot.  Assuming your […]

As ombudsmen-at-large, Best of the Best is interested in keeping readers/viewers/listeners of mass media informed about the product. Andrew and Mark take their roles very seriously, leading to this week’s episode about mass media. Despite quickly looking to sell out as fast as possible, Best of the Best is unfortunately independent, allowing an unfiltered look […]

Carved from a haunted tree, planted on an Indian burial ground and struck by lightning from a ghost cloud, Week 13’s episode is all about things Spooky. Mark and Andrew don their best proton packs and head out to figure out the Best Scary Urban Legend and the Best Scary Movie Moment. Those with weaker […]

For Week 12’s episode, it’s all about something both Mark and I are incredibly experienced with: Shame. Listen in as we discuss horrible job interviews, insane court rulings and where Domino’s procures the best cardboard and ketchup for their pizzas. Shame on you if you don’t listen by clicking the play button below, or download […]