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LIVE! FROM STUDIO 8H (or Mark’s apartment), it’s Episode 19 of Best of the Best: Theme Songs! Mark and Andrew analyze a variety of theme songs, from pitchers’ entrances to why “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” is just like “Green Acres.” Also, find out what happens when people who can’t speak well, let alone write, […]

Everyone please don your opera glasses and check your Playbill, it’s episode 18 of Best of the Best. This week, Mark and I look into the magical world of theater, reviewing the Best Concession Food Item and the Best Movie to See at a Midnight Screening, along with Sour Patch Kids addiction, eating soup during […]

Everybody’s working for the weekend, but here at Best of the Best, we’re working through the weekend to get Episode 17 out the door to you. This week’s topic is WORK, as Mark and Andrew talk about past crappy workplaces, on-set freakouts and our upcoming Denny’s Coast-to-Coast national tour. Put off your work for an […]

Feel that? Blood boiling? Face burning? Fists clenched in rage? It can only mean one thing: a new episode of Best of the Best! Week 16 is all about being angry, as Mark and Andrew dissect the Best Plot Twist that Made You Hate a Movie as well as the Best Way to Air Grievances, […]