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Best of the Best gets to the bottom of bosses in this week’s episode: Like a Boss. From fictional bosses to video game end bosses, Mark and Andrew talk about the guys in charge. Finally, figure out exactly who the fuck the boss is by clicking the play button below or download the episode directly […]

All things begin and all things end. Well, almost all things, as Best of the Best continues on with Episode 26: Beginnings and Endings. Marvel as Andrew and Mark discuss the Best Television Pilots, enjoy a brief listen to WDEAD, 89.9 and go into great length about rising from the dead. Why not begin being […]

Second star on the right and straight on ’til morning. Once you get there, you can listen to this week’s episode of Best of the Best: Space Travel. From Star Trek to other kinds of star trekkin’, Andrew and Mark talk about the Best Planets, the Best Songs about Space Travel and our sister podcast: […]

That’s it, listeners. We’ve put up with your guff long enough, so pack up your desk. We want your badge on our desk by 5 p.m. And while you’re packing, listen to Episode 24 of Best of the Best: Fired. Mark and Andrew discuss their own personal fired stories, the Best Firing in History, apathy […]