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Everyone check your ribbons and get your fingers ready, as Mark and Andrew begin looking into the wonderful world of words in Episode 31 of Best of the Best: The Writers’ Room. This week, Mark and Andrew describe their own writer activities in nauseating detail. What’s on tap? The Best Time to Write, the Best […]

It’s time to get in line and make sure you’ve got your last pay stub with you, because Best of the Best is getting all unemployed for Episode 30. Learn from master grifters Mark and Andrew and figure out how to turn that listless episode in your life from taxing and demeaning to slightly less […]

Everyone don your night cap and get ready for bed, Best of the Best is entering the dreamscape and talking about dreams. Andrew and Mark are dreamy as they discuss the Best Dream Sequence, talk about our own withered dreams on the vine and figure out in inherent racism in Super Mario Bros. 2.  Dream […]

Everyone get close together and say “New Episode of Best of the Best.” Just ’cause it’s Labor Day doesn’t mean the BotB train doesn’t roll on. This week, it’s Photographic Memory. Listen in as Mark and Andrew go through nearly 100 years of photojournalism to find the Best News Photo, hear about Andrew’s unknown love […]