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Thanksgiving is over and maybe we said things we wish we could take back. Well, now’s the time to get another crack at it with Episode 40 of Best of the Best: Back in Time. Mark and Andrew discuss the Best Use of Time Travel in Film, learn more about an alarm clock that doesn’t […]

Turkey time is here again. This year, we’re giving thanks for Episode 39 of Best of the Best: Thanksgiving (and peace and other stuff, I guess). As the holiday season gets rolling into full swing, Mark and Andrew figure out the Best Thanksgiving Fun Fact, how a turkey’s theme song should get all the ladies […]

With all the talking said and done, it’s now time to look at the results on this episode of Best of the Best: Results. Mark and Andrew investigate the wild world of fire hoses, discuss the Best Experiment Results and understand how “Maury” can teach us the important skill of swearing directly at our children. […]

Once every four years, a very special event arrives. One event that changes the course of a country. That’s right, it’s Episode 37 of Best of the Best: Election. Andrew and Mark look into the process of naming a brand-new leader, determining the Best Election Theme Song, how 538 people can vote a lot better […]