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It’s a brand new year. So celebrate with a Best of the Best New Year’s special! And by special, I mean, Mark and Andrew are on vacation and cobbled something together quickly for Monday. Because 2013 is going to be the year of Best of the Best. Enjoy this interview with a very special guest […]

We survived the apocalypse, so now we have to survive Christmas. Andrew and Mark give some hints on how to not completely alienate yourself from your family this holiday season. Whether they are good hints, that remains to be seen. Look under the tree for the gifts of the Best Christmas Episode, the Best Christmas […]

Well, it was nice knowing everyone, but it’s time to pack it up. The Mayans have labeled Friday as the end of the world, so this week (our final week, I’d assume) we’re talking about End Times. Mark and Andrew hunker in the bunker, talking about the Best End of the World Movie, the Best […]

You know that one guy who you absolutely hate? You know that guy that turns up all the time and you just want to beat and one-up every step of the way? One of them is probably hosting Episode 42 of Best of the Best: Rivalry! Mark and Andrew discuss the Best Historic Rivalries, read […]

Mark and Andrew return to the scene of the incident in order to investigate this week’s episode of Best of the Best: Crime. From the Best Caper to the Best Crime We Wish We Were Better At to stealing piggyback rides, this week’s episode dives right into the seedy underbelly of society. We also get […]