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For being such a non-serious topic like parody, Mark and Andrew get down to brass tacks in a contentious episode during this week’s episode (the 60th) of Best of the Best. The two attempt a modest proposal of figuring out the Best Parody Film, talk about the finer points of “Weird Al” Yankovic and get […]

Get inspired by Best of the Best this week, because we’re just talking about things that are inspired by other things. Whether it’s the Best Film Inspired by a Book, the Best Impression or the best way to house a newly acquired baby bear cub, we’ll be drawing from other resources to get it all […]

With the announcement of the Playstation 4 and Microsoft’s upcoming system to be announced later this year, Best of the Best opts to look back on the lovely systems of yore with this week’s episode: Console. Andrew, Mark and SuperFan Michael get do what Nintendon’t by investigating the Best Looking Home Console, figure out if […]

Spring has sprung, so it’s time to get out into your own personal great outdoors and take care of that lawn. But, not to worry, Best of the Best has all of your lawn care information in this week’s episode. Greenthumbs (and probably other fingers, too) Andrew and Mark discuss the Best Lawn Care Instrument, […]

Best of the Best is here, talking about fools! Wait, no we’re not! April Fools! We totally got you! What’s that? We ARE talking about fools? That doesn’t sound right. Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm. Oh? Oh, really? Okay. Well, I’m being told that we do talk about fools this week, so April Fools rescinded. Sorry for the […]