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It’s all about three of a kinds this week, as Andrew and Mark discuss trilogies. From the Best Third in a Series to the Best Film That Should get a Third, triples are the star tonight. Get your extended pitches ready, because this podcast ain’t been green lit without a solid third act, then click […]

Bleep is the word this week, as Best of the Best takes a look at censorship in all forms. Mark and Andrew explore the Best TV Edit of a Movie, figure out the finer points of getting something past the censors and try and find what pushes the censors’ buttons in this day and age. […]

It’s all the way for Bay this week on Best of the Best, as Mark and Andrew discuss the King of the Summer Blockbuster: Michael Bay. From transforming robots to roughneck asteroid drillers to exploding EVERYTHING, Michael Bay has the finger on the pulse of what American movie goers want from their films. Mark and […]

Children’s programming tends to be simple, irritating, repetitive and intelligence insulting. So, we can think of no better topic to discuss on this week’s Best of the Best (The World Leader of Simple, Irritating, Repetitive and Intelligence Insulting Podcasts). Mark and Andrew think back to their childhood’s and discuss the Best Children’s Show Theme Song, […]