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Protect your brains because this week, Andrew and Mark are discussing all things zombie on Best of the Best. From drooling hordes to 60s pop bands, it’s a truly frightening site. Of course, your body starts to shiver, for no mere mortal can resist the evil of the Best of the Best. Load your boomsticks, […]

Andrew and Mark just flop around this week, discussing Box Office Bombs on Episode 67 of Best of the Best. From the Best Flop to movie stars getting ready for their big failures, we explore something we’re very familiar with in the form of flops. Fire up your copy of “Ishtar,” then listen by clicking […]

Overseeing the wheelings and dealings of others is generally what Best of the Best is all about, so it’s no surprise that Episode 66 is all about Checks and Balances. This week, Mark and Andrew figure out which one is the bigger wide-eyed sucker when it comes to getting paid, argue about the Czech Republic […]

Put your stealin’ gloves on because this week’s episode is getting pilfered. Best of the Best is all about Stolen for Episode 65. In it, Mark and Andrew talk about the Best Thing to Steal, foiled robberies, how easy it is to steal the Mona Lisa and how Jurassic Park is just like the West […]