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Holy cow, these robots are HUGE! And they compose the topic of this week’s episode of Best of the Best. From Optimus Prime to the Megazords, these robots are large and in charge, mainly because of how large they are. Mark and Andrew discuss everything from understanding and caring for your large robot to learning […]

Soon to be outdated, the TV DVD box set is something to be cherished. Binging through TV DVDs is becoming a lost art form, watching not only the episodes but digging through the special features and listening to the cast commentaries. Best of the Best is here to dig for you on this week’s episode, […]

So many wars and so many worlds, so it makes perfect sense to discuss wars between those worlds on this week’s Best of the Best. In Episode 71, Mark and Andrew look into the H.G. Wells classic, but also discuss the Orson Welles spin and really hash out what makes a good, audience-panicking, fake war. […]

The sun is shining, the temperature is rising and summer is here at last, meaning only one thing: odd sweat patterns on clothing. Well, okay, TWO things: sweating and pool party season. Andrew and Mark get you ready to soak it up in the pool by discussing all things Pool Party this week on Best […]

This week, Andrew and Mark investigate the seedy backstory of Best of the Best with a discussion all about origins. From the Best Origin Film to their own personal origin stories, you’ll learn how you go from simple beginnings to the bags of neurosis and insufferable tics you hear today. And because it’s an origin […]