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Mark and Andrew look across the ocean and across the pond to discuss the Greatest of Britains this week on Best of the Best. From the Best Brit playing an American, to the Best British TV Import, it’s all about pip-pip cheerio, take the lift to the loo, park the car in Harvard Yard what-have-yous. […]

It’s all about the gift of gab (and technical difficulties) this week on Best of the Best. Talk shows are front and center for Episode 76. Mark and Andrew break down the Best Celebrity Guest, figure out if this podcast will float and talk the talk about talk (while talking!). This is all brought to […]

The only real cure for the summer time blues is Best of the Best, and probably Xanax? Right? Anyway, being in the thick of the summer season, Mark and Andrew get to discussing summer replacements during Episode 75 of Best of the Best. On the docket this week is talk about the Best Summer TV […]

From the free shampoos to the continental breakfasts, America is in love with its hotels and motels. What other place allows you the freedom to use as many towels, cups and ice bins as you want, huck them on the floor like a child and then return to find everything restored like you’d never been […]