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With the end of AMC’s Breaking Bad on Sunday, this gives Best of the Best no better excuse to start breaking our own bads all over the goddamn place during this week’s episode. From bad habits to bad guys, we got all the bads and breaks you could ever want. So, while you console yourself […]

Binford Tools is proud to present: Best of the Best, Episode 81, Tool Time! Relive the greatest moments of improving homes with Andrew and Mark as they discuss everything about tools, time and tool time. From the Best Tim Allen Movie to figuring out why scythes aren’t in vogue anymore, this episode has got it […]

It’s been nothing but late nights here at the Best of the Best compound, giving us no better excuse than to talk about that magical Witching Hour on Episode 80 of BOTB. Late night hijinx are here to stay as Mark and Andrew talk about the Best Sleepover Event, what to do at the stroke […]

It’s getting very scary here on Best of the Best, as we talk about Terror on Episode 79. Gird your loins as Mark and Andrew get pretty terrifying, discussing the Best Terrifying Moment in Their Lives, jump scares, scary-looking snakes and the Best Pirates (who are pretty terrifying, too, you know). It might get dicey, […]

Those wiseguys, Mark and Andrew, get in deep about fifty large (pizzas, I think) and now have to talk all about the Mob this week on Best of the Best. From waffling people with tire irons to being generally untouchable (and unloveable, to boot), it’s a mob-tastic week. If you have opinions about the best […]