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It’s Halloween, a time when all sorts of scary, crazy and haunting crap comes out of the woodwork to bug the bejeesus out of people. Best of the Best wants in on this scary bugging crap, so we’ve written a Halloween special in place of this week’s episode. It’s got a devil and two guys […]

Grab your quills and finest writing hats as this week on Best of the Best, Andrew and Mark look to write some wrongs. Discussions this week range from the Best Worst Idea We’ve Ever Worked On to Best Places for Ideas to learning about our brand-new written project: “Sexy Frankenstein Gets a Job.” ALSO, learn […]

Place your bets on what depressing thing is going to get seen or talked about this week on Best of the Best, as Andrew and Mark visit the oasis in the Southwest: Last Vegas. From gigantic hotels to projectile vomiting, this episode is Sin City to a tee (the movie, probably. I remember Bruce Willis […]

Everybody generally works for a specific reason: that magical time known as pay day. But, what if I told you there was an entire world of work out there that didn’t include things like “salary,” “money” or “maximum cap of hours worked”? Mark and Andrew delve into this mystical land of free labor on this […]