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Thanksgiving is on Thursday, but frankly, we all know the more important thing happening this week: Black Friday! Huck that turkey into the storm drain and get your loved ones huddled together in a parking lot for those hot, hot Christmas deals. And while you wait, why not listen to this week’s episode of Best […]

Need a change of pace? Well, why not take a cue from Andrew and Mark and start living the sea life, this week’s topic on Best of the Best. Listen in as the guys dive deep into the ocean of the sea, discussing the Best Seafood Chain Restaurant, get more familiar with Gamera and learn […]

Enjoy a real novel idea with Best of the Best as Mark and Andrew discuss the world of novelty items! Gimmicky one-hit wonders, obnoxious joke clothes and all sorts of bad-ass weird looking cars are taking center stage this week. Do us a favor, get your Ray Stevens and Alvin and the Chipmunks records and […]

Best of the Best gets back to form by talking about all things social media with Episode 86: Facey-Space! Learn more about how to irritate your friends on Facebook, piss and moan on Yelp and turn back the clock to those salad Internet days in 1999. And because irony is wonderful, why not post this […]