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Duos are the new trios in the new year, so Best of the Best is ahead of the trend in talking about companions on this week’s episode. From animal helpers to straight-up sidekicks, Mark and Andrew team up to discuss the magical world of assisting. And we also get a visit from the News Desk, […]

Christmastime is here! And we’re not dead yet! So let’s celebrate with an episode of Best of the Best! Resident yuletide professors Mark and Andrew get down to the heart of the holidays, discussing Many Happy Returns, from the Best Stocking Stuffer to the Best Gift-Giving Story Gone Awry. And did someone say they want […]

Coming up! It’s the television event of the season! Only on Best of the Best! With so many twist, turns, stars and awesome suits, you’ll definitely be talking about it tomorrow around the water cooler. Who will survive as Mark and Andrew discuss the Best Miniseries, the Best Midseason Finale and get to understand the […]

Best of the Best is getting it on like Donkey Kong, as Andrew throws a barrel at Mark, while Mark steals someone’s girlfriend and stands on some steel girders. Listen in as Andrew and Mark talk about all the sad monkey stories they know, compare notes on Diddy Kong Racing and find the humanity in […]

It’s getting really weird as we get close to Christmas, so Andrew and Mark can really only throw up their hands and say “That was odd” to this week’s Best of the Best. From personal stories that end quite oddly to television shows that seem to go right off the rails at the end, it’s […]