Best of the Best Episode 94: Companions

Karloff? Sidekick? (I know, we've used this picture before, but it's still awesome).

Karloff? Sidekick? (I know, we’ve used this picture before, but it’s still awesome).

Duos are the new trios in the new year, so Best of the Best is ahead of the trend in talking about companions on this week’s episode. From animal helpers to straight-up sidekicks, Mark and Andrew team up to discuss the magical world of assisting. And we also get a visit from the News Desk, which will basically pay for itself as your new favorite segment of the show that probably never returns. Grab a partner, do-si-do, promenade, then listen in to this week’s episode by clicking the play button below or downloading the episode directly right here.

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Speaking of Christmas miracles, why not purchase a book written by known co-host Mark Gonzales: Irreplaceable! Do so right here! Support your local independent author/podcast host/social gadfly and take a look at Irreplaceable.


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