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As Best of the Best reaches its twilight of one hundred episodes, this week, Mark and Andrew take the opportunity to just stare at one another while soft indie rock plays in the background. Oh, and they’re both vampires, too, I guess, as Best of the Best discusses The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. From the Best […]

And this year’s award for Best of the Best goes to…Best of the Best! Prep your acceptance speech and hustle up to the podium, as Mark and Andrew run down the wild world of Award Season this week on Best of the Best. The duo give some wonderful host banter about the Best Category That […]

Cooper! Your podcast looks adorable! It’s Baby Time this week on Best of the Best! Cooper! Go click play and listen to Mark and Andrew talk all about them babies! Cooper! Cooper! Hurry up and listen before your Kid Spelunking classes! Cooper! Learn all about the Best Fictional Baby, find out how inspiring cat birth […]

Best of the Best prides itself on being your premiere source of news, views and other tidbits in the world of being the best. So, newshounds-in-training Andrew and Mark give the brand-new news desk a spin and discuss the Best Weekend Update characters, talk about news we have broken to others and get invested in […]