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PODCASTS! IN! SPACE! This week, Best of the Best welcomes director and producer Jill Ackerman to yell at each other about NASA. From Best Space to Best Sax Solo, it’s wall-to-wall NASA (You know, the North American Saxophone Alliance). In space, no one can hear you listening to Best of the Best. But, you will […]

Objection! Sustained! Law! Judging! It’s Best of the Best, episode 101, doing its dealings in the most logical place: the courtroom. This week, Andrew and Mark get litigious on each other and talk about Courtroom Drama. From the Best Law and Order to finding out all about courts of differing size and bits, it’s illegal […]

From Culver City, it’s Best of the Best, Episode 100! Best of the Best could not exist with listeners like you. Every single one of you have been fantastic and incredibly supportive. Please enjoy this little piece of insanity for listening in for two years and hopefully more years to come. ┬áListen in by clicking […]

From one famous duo to another, Mark and Andrew decide to take a strong look at The Coen Brothers, creators of fantastic films such as “The Big Lebowski,” “No Country for Old Men,” and “Darkman.” From Best Side Character in a Coen Film to Best Worst Film from the Coens, we’re gonna have fun with […]