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Ah, college. Higher learning leads to life experiences. And most of those experiences involve trying to injure your liver in more and more creative ways. And Best of the Best is right there in the academic mix, schooling fools and hitting them books. This week, Andrew and Mark discuss college in all its glory, from […]

We’ve lost it all this week on Best of the Best! It’s all gone! Our self-worth, mainly, but other things are gone, too, as we talking about Losing It on this week’s podcast. Mark and Andrew discuss the Best Losing It Line from a Movie, what it’s like to just flat out lose a car […]

Waiting for another Best of the Best is always the hardest part, but HUZZAH! Here comes another one! And all about Waiting! Andrew and Mark play the biggest waiting game ever, as they discuss the pros and cons of just killing time. From the Best Magazine to Read In a Waiting Room to breaking down […]

UPDATE: We got a little ahead of ourselves talking about Jill Ackerman’s Kickstarter, because we’re so gosh-darn excited. It actually launches NEXT Monday, the 17th. Still, why not check out for all the info. In a statement we are all hoping and praying is true, Best of the Best discusses the idea that people […]

Getting older means you get to make sweeping changes about things you used to like and enjoy. For example, Best of the Best used to like putting together funny and tightly-crafted podcasts. But, look at us now! Episode 103 is all about those changing tastes, from Best Food Stuff Americans Have Fallen Out of Love […]