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Everyone got their permission slips, because we’re heading out on a field trip this week! Andrew and Mark are slipping out of the studio and heading off to that wonderful heaven of flipped shrimp and chopped steak knowns as “Benihana’s,” and you can come along, too, I GUESS. Listen in as Andrew and Mark discuss […]

Boy, are we in a jam here. It’s the last minute and Best of the Best is throwing a hail mary of an episode, all about The Last Minute. Mark and Andrew get right down to the wire, discussing the Best Last Minute of a Film, the Best Last Minute Change and read maybe the […]

Frankly, I don’t think we need to sweeten the pot anymore, but here at Best of the Best, we’re all about incentives. So, this week only, Episode 109 is all about incentives. You know, just to really pique your interest. Mark and Andrew talk about the Best Way to Get Interested in Taking a College […]

Shockingly enough, this episode isn’t all about the trials and tribulations of Andrew and Mark’s woebegone childhoods. Instead, the guys are primed to discuss how certain things don’t actually ruin childhoods, like Star Wars movies or bad video games. It’s a small sliver of sunlight in an otherwise bleak podcast. So, that’s something, yeah? Anyway, […]