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Hey, so you guys know how things sometimes change and then different stuff happens and you kinda gotta go with what the changes are? Well, that’s what this episode of Best of the Best is all about. We call together the Conclave of BOTB to discuss the future of the show and what’s happening with […]

Birthdays are coming up for some of the Best of the Best crew, which puts a bit of a shadow on this episode, all about Birthdays. Andrew and Mark check off another year on their lives and discuss the Best Thing to Get a Kid You Don’t Know, play “Is This Funny” and introduce an […]

Look, I’m not always in to trying that hard. But, sometimes, you really just gonna dig deep and really give it your all and do whatever it is that needs to get done. Then, there’s sometimes where that garbage is just overkill. We talk about that nonsense on this week’s episode of Best of the […]

It’s party time this week on Best of the Best! Andrew and Mark get into the celebratory mood as they discuss the ups and downs of Cinco de Mayo this week! From wondering about the impact of Cinco de Mayo¬†to the Best Mexican-American, there’s a bit of south of the border flair on this week’s […]