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Continuing the time honored tradition of the fact that we did one last year, Best of the Best and Episodic Memories is back with another spine-chattering Spooktacular scripted radio play thingamabob. This one’s got it all: Weird noises. Yelling. Boner jokes. Everything needed for a truly spooky Spooktacular. Dive in to this year’s affair and […]

As Halloween approaches, spooky happenings begin to occur: Skeletons start appearing. Pumpkin spice exists in everything we eat, drink or listen to. And Episodic Memories tackles the scariest thing of all, the Netflix original series, “Hemlock Grove,” which somehow earned three consecutive seasons. It makes me skin crawl just thinking about it. The three seasons […]

It’s time to get animated as we focus on the 2004 NBC animated series “Father of the Pride,” this week on Episodic Memories. Listen in as Andrew and Mark realize that this show is basically a big 22-minute advertisement for NBC, 7-11 and poor drug references. Also, John Goodman is there, too. Check it out […]