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Happy New Year! Also, Happy End of the Old Year! Mark and Andrew decide to discuss the end of a storied career by looking at the 1986 ABC sitcom “Life with Lucy,” one of the last shows from Lucille Ball. (Spoiler: It ain’t great.) The boys also check their tickets and board the unsinkable Unemployment […]

It’s Christmas here at Episodic Memories and what’s more holiday-centric than a murder investigation! Scratch that, an ATTEMPTED murder investigation! Andrew and Mark head out to the east coast and look into CBS’ “Murder, She Wrote.” Specifically, the show’s ninth season Christmas episode entitled “A Christmas Secret.” Also, Andrew gets mad at Mark for showing […]

We’re digging into the stacks this week on Episodic Memories. Andrew and Mark uncover unaired WB pilot “Nobody’s Watching,” from “Scrubs” creator Bill Lawrence. The show is part reality show, part sitcom send-up, part pop culture commentary and 100% weird and kinda confusing. And it’s also got SNL’s Taran Killam. And did we mention that […]