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It’s a real fire hazard in the blimp for this week’s Best of the Best, as Andrew celebrates his 31st birthday. And both of the guys are celebrating Episode 115 of Best of the Best: Born Again. Mark and Andrew discuss their inevitable deaths, Bruce Springsteen and valium. Also, did I mention our inevitable deaths? […]

Don’t call it a comeback. Because we might owe some money to the estate of LL Cool J. Just call it a return to form, as Best of the Best makes its triumphant reappearance. You know the drill: Mark and Andrew will talk about three Best Ofs, and decide who is the most right. Lots […]

In a stunning season finale, Episodic Memories hits the road to bask in the superhero stupor of “Marvel Universe Live!” A traveling stage show featuring characters like Spider-Man, Wolverine and The Hulk, we get front row seats to find out how many motorcycles get driven and which superhero has the best kickflip (the results MAY […]