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We’re spreading the love this week on Best of the Best, as Mark and Andrew discuss the Golden Arches, McDonald’s. Special orders certainly don’t upset us as the guys discuss Michael Jordan gambling with french fries, pineapples on burgers and being forced to build your own damn burger. Pay at the first window, then pull […]

Mark and Andrew welcome summer by getting it lined up with its start paperwork, as we discuss the HR Department this week on Best of the Best. It’s HR out the wazoo, from the Best Home Run Call to Mark’s insulting trip to Sizzler. Make sure to attend the mandatory harassment meeting at 10 am, […]

Get low with Andrew and Mark, as we discuss Low Budget Horror this week on Best of the Best. From overused horror tropes to running out of money before your next paycheck, this week is all about that sense of dread included with having zero dollars. Get your cell phone out, decide to pay either your […]

Attention, soldiers! Best of the Best finally gets its fifth star, becoming the most decorated jerks around as they discuss Military Personnel on this week’s episode. From Beetle Bailey to Teddy Roosevelt, we talk about the fighting men and women of our military. Gather your gear, get your boots on and fall in by clicking the play […]

June is here and Best of the Best’s resident gloomy Gus, Andrew, is ready to ring it in with open arms. The guys talk about June Gloom here on Best of the Best, and then get distracted by YouTube videos as Mark talks about art. It’s a real barnburner. Flip that calendar page over by clicking […]