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I had a conversation with my friend Mark the other day about work hours. He explained that he and his brother have conversations about work, where his brother talks about his standard 9-to-5, which guarantees a certain amount of money each week with a standard routine, while Mark works freelance production which tends to fluctuate […]

I’ve done a few interviews before in my time, and I feel like I’ve interviewed all the greats: Judge Judy, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and famous of all, Howie Mandel. But, after some dealings, I managed to secure an interview with one of the biggest stars of all: Dumba, the cat that lives outside […]

Little things have a tendency to humble us. When I worked at the Buckeye, our production manager came over to my desk and asked if we could turn down the lights. I said sure and I didn’t ask why. About 20 minutes later, sitting in darkness and hearing fussing and movement behind me, I turn […]

Signs silently waved by the sides of my car as I drove back to campus. It was the familiar assortment of roadside signposts that dot any city right off the interstate: “2 for 1 Hamburgers,” “Best Western,” “Slightly Irregular Suit Jackets, 50% Off.” It’s September 2005, and I made began making the final turn toward […]

“Here’s what I want,” I said. “During this dance scene, I want a guy in a rabbit costume to hop out on stage.” “Why a rabbit costume?” “They’re cheap, you know? It’ll be easy to get. Anyway, guy in a rabbit costume hops out. Dancers dance around it. Make a big spectacle of it.” I […]

In November 1995, I read in the newspaper that “Calvin and Hobbes” was ending at the end of the year. The strip’s creator, Bill Watterson, wrote that his interests has shifted and he did all that he could do with the means that he had. That so many newspapers would carry¬†Calvin and Hobbes is an […]

In early September, there was always one important Friday that would crop up for me as a kid: Saturday morning cartoon previews. A half-hour special would run during TGIF that would just be a big half-hour commercial for the new crop of Saturday morning shows that would begin airing. To me, this was like preparing […]