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Enjoy a few pages from my spec script entitled “Teacher, Leave Those Kids Alone,” a powerful glimpse at the struggle that occurs when a sitting president steps down between terms and how opponents across the political spectrum come out of the woodwork to fill the political vacuum that happens. Meanwhile, the President’s staff does damage […]

It’s all happened to us before: You’re at a party, social function or public execution and somebody starts talking about a popular television show and how it’s doing in the ratings. “I hear it’s doing pretty well,” they’ll say. “It got a 7 rating last night.” When someone says this, I’m giving you full and […]

One of the biggest disappointments for me growing up was finding out what the morning DJs on the radio looked like. I’m not quite sure what picture I had in my head, but Mitch and Mary-Beth on K100 absolutely did not look like they did when their picture was in the paper, accompanying a story […]

Signs silently waved by the sides of my car as I drove back to campus. It was the familiar assortment of roadside signposts that dot any city right off the interstate: “2 for 1 Hamburgers,” “Best Western,” “Slightly Irregular Suit Jackets, 50% Off.” It’s September 2005, and I made began making the final turn toward […]

In early September, there was always one important Friday that would crop up for me as a kid: Saturday morning cartoon previews. A half-hour special would run during TGIF that would just be a big half-hour commercial for the new crop of Saturday morning shows that would begin airing. To me, this was like preparing […]

Erin had talked this video up for what felt like years. Ever since we started talking about mise en scène in my film history class, this ever elusive, but outstanding high school music video would be mentioned. During class, your eye tended to catch Erin as her constant nodding during the professor’s lecture made me […]

As a journalist, I feel it’s my responsibility to get to the bottom of certain mysteries by going right to the source themselves and asking the tough questions. Therefore, the following letter was mailed out this afternoon around 2 p.m. PST:   October 12, 2010 Andrew Krukowski ADDRESS REDACTED Reginald Veljohnson ADDRESS REDACTED Dear Mr. […]