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Sometimes it baffles me how certain things are figured out. I’m not talking about unimportant things like Jiffy Pop or gravity. No, I’m talking about really, REALLY important stuff like this: This is the unaltered music that plays over the system menu for the Gamecube. Pretty spacey and atmospheric. You’re changing the internal clock. You’re […]

I needed to run over to the middle school. It was just a few miles up the road, but it was still going to take a little bit of time to kick the slush out of my tire wheel wells. It was November 2006 and being the youngest person at the Archbold Buckeye newspaper, I […]

My Dear Ophelia, I fear that I will no longer see your shining face anymore and I write to you one last time. These past several months on the trail have been brutal for me, the children and the rest of our traveling companions. When you sent post from Willamette Valley, describing the lush landscape […]