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We’ve got construction coming up and those idiots at the home office sent over a Killdozer, instead of the backhoe and driller we asked for. But, we’ve got to get this thing done, so we’ll be strapping in with Killdozer this week on TV Movie Night. Andrew and Mark experience the B-movie madness of a […]

It’s a new year, so you know what that means? Doing your taxes! And also a new podcast feature from these two jerks. We still are interested in the world of television, but Andrew and Mark are going more cinematic as they open up the long-forgotten world of television movies on TV Movie Night! We […]

It’s here! A brand-new television season is here, and Andrew and Mark crack open the newest offerings. And because we’re busy guys who ain’t got time to mess around with television shows, we get to the meat of the issue by just watching the trailers for these shows. Join us in discussing these snapshots of […]

With the passing of writer Sam Simon, Andrew and Mark opt to dig into Mr. Simon’s back catalogue, past all of that quote unquote “really great television” like “The Simpsons,” “Taxi,” and “The Tracy Ullman Show.” Instead, we focus our attention on the one-season 1993 ABC sitcom “Phenom,” co-created by Sam Simon. Andrew and Mark […]

Happy New Year! Also, Happy End of the Old Year! Mark and Andrew decide to discuss the end of a storied career by looking at the 1986 ABC sitcom “Life with Lucy,” one of the last shows from Lucille Ball. (Spoiler: It ain’t great.) The boys also check their tickets and board the unsinkable Unemployment […]

Gooooood eveeeeeening. A bit of a change of plans again because we hate when people know what are plans are (also, Rubicon wasn’t online). Instead, we’re watching an episode of the classic series “Alfred Hitchcock Presents.” Mark and Andrew look inside the horror that is podcasting and take in the episode “One More Mile to […]

Once upon a time, there was this show on ABC called “Once Upon a Time,” that told the story of magic beans, giants, awkward green screen effects, storybook princesses, weird misogyny about women driving, “Lost”-esque flashbacks and Iron Man, I think.¬†Get the full story during this week’s Episodic Memories, as Andrew and Mark do their […]