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After a bit of a break, Best of the Best is back in true form and getting animated as we talk about cartoons for Episode 45. Mark and Andrew discuss the Best Animated Film, Squigglevision vs. Clutch Cargo and the insight into last week’s hard-hitting interview. Why not get animated with us and enjoy the […]

One of the biggest disappointments for me growing up was finding out what the morning DJs on the radio looked like. I’m not quite sure what picture I had in my head, but Mitch and Mary-Beth on K100 absolutely did not look like they did when their picture was in the paper, accompanying a story […]

In early September, there was always one important Friday that would crop up for me as a kid: Saturday morning cartoon previews. A half-hour special would run during TGIF that would just be a big half-hour commercial for the new crop of Saturday morning shows that would begin airing. To me, this was like preparing […]