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Everyone is going to have to be very quiet, because you’ll need to pay attention to all these deadly whispers on TV Movie Night. Mark and Andrew get right in each others’ ears and watch CBS’ “Deadly Whisper,” starring Tony Danza and his “Streetcar Named Desire” Southern accent. Also, Pamela Reed is there, too. And […]

It’s here! A brand-new television season is here, and Andrew and Mark crack open the newest offerings. And because we’re busy guys who ain’t got time to mess around with television shows, we get to the meat of the issue by just watching the trailers for these shows. Join us in discussing these snapshots of […]

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Well, it’s kind of a plane! It’s more of a helicopter! But, it’s in the sky! So, you gotta give us that! Andrew and Mark look skyward for this week’s episode, covering the sky-bound action series, “Airwolf.” Listen in as the guys discuss the […]

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to do us a solid and get in on this episode of Episodic Memories. Andrew and Mark take a look at their dossier and inspect an episode of Mission: Impossible. Also, we play script doctors and perform a new segment entitled “The Punch-Up.” And we lose […]

It’s Christmas here at Episodic Memories and what’s more holiday-centric than a murder investigation! Scratch that, an ATTEMPTED murder investigation! Andrew and Mark head out to the east coast and look into CBS’ “Murder, She Wrote.” Specifically, the show’s ninth season Christmas episode entitled “A Christmas Secret.” Also, Andrew gets mad at Mark for showing […]

Gooooood eveeeeeening. A bit of a change of plans again because we hate when people know what are plans are (also, Rubicon wasn’t online). Instead, we’re watching an episode of the classic series “Alfred Hitchcock Presents.” Mark and Andrew look inside the horror that is podcasting and take in the episode “One More Mile to […]