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Best of the Best prides itself on being your premiere source of news, views and other tidbits in the world of being the best. So, newshounds-in-training Andrew and Mark give the brand-new news desk a spin and discuss the Best Weekend Update characters, talk about news we have broken to others and get invested in […]

Duos are the new trios in the new year, so Best of the Best is ahead of the trend in talking about companions on this week’s episode. From animal helpers to straight-up sidekicks, Mark and Andrew team up to discuss the magical world of assisting. And we also get a visit from the News Desk, […]

You know that one guy who you absolutely hate? You know that guy that turns up all the time and you just want to beat and one-up every step of the way? One of them is probably hosting Episode 42 of Best of the Best: Rivalry! Mark and Andrew discuss the Best Historic Rivalries, read […]