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We’ve got construction coming up and those idiots at the home office sent over a Killdozer, instead of the backhoe and driller we asked for. But, we’ve got to get this thing done, so we’ll be strapping in with Killdozer this week on TV Movie Night. Andrew and Mark experience the B-movie madness of a […]

Spooky-tober arrives early, as Mark and Andrew head downstairs and discover HBO’s “Tales from the Crypt.” In this week’s episode, Mark discusses his abject terror over the Cryptkeeper, we get a brand-new chapter in “The Guy That Pooped Out a Poop Monster” and we get a bonus look at selling HBO’s brand of blood and […]

Mark and Andrew welcome summer by getting it lined up with its start paperwork, as we discuss the HR Department this week on Best of the Best. It’s HR out the wazoo, from the Best Home Run Call to Mark’s insulting trip to Sizzler. Make sure to attend the mandatory harassment meeting at 10 am, […]

Get low with Andrew and Mark, as we discuss Low Budget Horror this week on Best of the Best. From overused horror tropes to running out of money before your next paycheck, this week is all about that sense of dread included with having zero dollars.¬†Get your cell phone out, decide to pay either your […]

Gooooood eveeeeeening. A bit of a change of plans again because we hate when people know what are plans are (also, Rubicon wasn’t online). Instead, we’re watching an episode of the classic series “Alfred Hitchcock Presents.” Mark and Andrew look inside the horror that is podcasting and take in the episode “One More Mile to […]

It’s gonna get all ghost up in here, as Mark and Andrew put on their costumes (Mark is dressed as a DVD copy of “The Haunted Mansion” and Andrew is pictured to the right) for this episode of Best of the Best: Halloween. Gird yourself and enjoy the terror of Best Ghost, listen to a […]