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Cocaine is no joke. But, cocaine addiction? A laugh riot, apparently. Andrew and Mark look into the white stuff via the 1983 made-for-TV movie, “Cocaine: One Man’s Seduction.” And despite all odds, things turn out pretty okay for the addict in this story.¬†Listen in by¬†clicking here and let us know what you think, if you […]

Ghosts are everywhere and we run into one in this week’s movie on TV Movie Night! Ernest Borgnine starts in “The Ghost of Flight 401,” a spooky in-flight shlockfest, coupled with all the best ads the late 70s can provide. Andrew and Mark decide that busting makes us feel good as they dig in to […]

It’s October and you know what that means? Less than three months until Christmas! But, also, Halloween, I guess? We kick off Spooky-tober with this haunting episode of SeaQuest DSV. You’ll see scary sights of Roy Scheider talking to ghosts and crappy holograms! And haunted ships! And a surprising lack of skepticism! Get excited and […]

It’s here! A brand-new television season is here, and Andrew and Mark crack open the newest offerings. And because we’re busy guys who ain’t got time to mess around with television shows, we get to the meat of the issue by just watching the trailers for these shows. Join us in discussing these snapshots of […]

Captain’s Log. Stardate 5.55.136. Our view screen just flipped on and started showing “Star Trek: The Animated Series,” so we thought, “Hey, what the hell? Let’s watch this, yeah?” So, that’s what we did. Andrew and Mark explore the cheaply animated worlds all around this galaxy and learn a lot of important space lessons, like […]

Officers Krukowski and Gonzales are hitting the streets to bust all the scumbags that are bringing down this fair city. But, we’ll need a little training, so we’re checking out an episode of NBC’s 80s hit “Miami Vice.” We’ll learn all the tricks: rolling up your jacket sleeves, driving fast cars and checkin’ out bikini […]

It’s time to get animated as we focus on the 2004 NBC animated series “Father of the Pride,” this week on Episodic Memories. Listen in as Andrew and Mark realize that this show is basically a big 22-minute advertisement for NBC, 7-11 and poor drug references. Also, John Goodman is there, too. Check it out […]