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We’ve got construction coming up and those idiots at the home office sent over a Killdozer, instead of the backhoe and driller we asked for. But, we’ve got to get this thing done, so we’ll be strapping in with Killdozer this week on TV Movie Night. Andrew and Mark experience the B-movie madness of a […]

We checked the couch cushions and found this lost episode of Episodic Memories tucked inside of it. Mark and Andrew wind up the crank phone and roll out with an episode of Emergency! We’ve got it all: Handsome doctors! Lack of plot closure! And nothing but shots of 60s Los Angeles! Get excited and listen in by […]

It’s been some time, but we’ve gotten over our hauntings to round out the year in wonderful fashion. Andrew and Mark dive head first into the world of variety with the Dean Martin Christmas Special on this week’s Episodic Memories. From jokes about Eisenhower to a medley of every Christmas song that’s ever existed, this […]

It’s October and you know what that means? Less than three months until Christmas! But, also, Halloween, I guess? We kick off Spooky-tober with this haunting episode of SeaQuest DSV. You’ll see scary sights of Roy Scheider talking to ghosts and crappy holograms! And haunted ships! And a surprising lack of skepticism! Get excited and […]

It’s here! A brand-new television season is here, and Andrew and Mark crack open the newest offerings. And because we’re busy guys who ain’t got time to mess around with television shows, we get to the meat of the issue by just watching the trailers for these shows. Join us in discussing these snapshots of […]

It’s time to get real. REALLY real, with Lifetime’s “UnReal,” which exposes the seedy real underbelly of unreal reality shows. Really. Mark and Andrew try to reel it in with the realness and figure out what the hell is happening in this show. From masturbating on set to messing with someone’s prescription medication, this show […]

Saddle up and get ready to travel to a galaxy far, far away (near Barstow, I think?), as Episodic Memories returns from its summer hiatus. Andrew and Mark look this week at Cartoon Network’s “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” and try to make as many Star Trek references as they can. Will Yoda be there? […]