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Christmas is here! And in July! And involves sweaty wrestlemen! And Santa getting hit by a car! It truly is the reason for the season. Andrew, Mark and “Episodic Memories” take a hard look at an episode of USA’s “Monday Night Raw,” a Christmas episode, specifically. Marvel and enjoy as the guys find out their […]

Coming up! It’s the television event of the season! Only on Best of the Best! With so many twist, turns, stars and awesome suits, you’ll definitely be talking about it tomorrow around the water cooler. Who will survive as Mark and Andrew discuss the Best Miniseries, the Best Midseason Finale and get to understand the […]

This Monday! Down at the Civic Center! Two men enter a podcast: Andrew “The Metal Pole” Krukowski and “The Professor of Pain” Mark Gonzales. But, only one will leave UNDER THEIR OWN POWER. This week, we take a break from beating on each others’ ideas and watch other guys beat each other up, as Mark […]

All things begin and all things end. Well, almost all things, as Best of the Best continues on with Episode 26: Beginnings and Endings. Marvel as Andrew and Mark discuss the Best Television Pilots, enjoy a brief listen to WDEAD, 89.9 and go into great length about rising from the dead. Why not begin being […]